A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

LD30 Theme: Connected Worlds

Premise : Gods and Human Worlds Connected (Godly Interaction), Game and Real Life Worlds Connected (Time).

Info : An in-game day takes 1 real life day. Sun and Moon rotate based on real life time,

and day fades to night, and night fades to day. Make sure you check at all times of

day to see all transitions and times of day.

Disclaimer: Sorry everyone outside of the EST timezone! It only currently supports EST, although if there is

enough interest in the continuation of this project I will gladly support all time zones, update

graphics, and add sound (Sorry for the lack of sound, I was aiming for things for you guys to do

and wanted to get submitted to be able to gauge the process next Ludum Dare! :D).

Every 5 minutes there is a chance for another Human to join your tribe.

Population (Male + Female) increases Faith Regain, but also Health Degredation.


Click Comet Icon - Summon a Comet to restore 100% Faith. Can only be used once per 24 hours.

Click Sword Cross Icon - Summon a Sword Cross to double Faith Regain Rate. Cost: 100% Faith.

Click Berry Bush Icon - Summon a Berry Bush to regain 10% Health. Cost: 10% Faith.

Click Deer Icon - Summon a Deer to regain 20% Health. Cost: 20% Faith.

I hope you all enjoy what I have here!

Thank you, Ludum Dare! You kept me busy and on track! My time management is better than I thought. Glad I could submit for my first attempt! :)

To run the game: Run LD30GodGame.jar in the same folder as this README.txt.

Install instructions

Extract the zip archive and run LD30GodGame.jar. Have fun! Feedback welcome! :) Good luck, fellow LudumDare 30 participants!


Khaibit - LD30.zip 24 MB
Khaibit - LD30PLUS.zip 26 MB